DC Motor Models

Premium CHOICE Series

PCD - with DC Motor

Model Features

  • Extremely quiet operation 0.3 to 1.2 Sones
  • Brushless DC motor for long life
  • Motor rated for 60,000 hours continuous on High/Low-speed delay timer
  • 6" Duct connector with built-in backdraft damper
  • Robust steel housing
  • Attractive, sturdy grille
  • cETLus Listed
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • HVI Certified
  • EcoWatt®

cETLus Listed   ENERGY STAR Qualified   HVI Certified   Ecowatt Registered

Model Overview

PCD fans feature the most efficient DC motors available to help improve indoor air quality and increase your home's durability by quickly exhausting contaminants and excess moisture that can cause health issues, mold growth, and structural damage. With built-in control boards, the PCD models allow you to CHOOSE your airflow. The DC fans are available with humidity sensing, motion sensing, and VOC sensing options built-in.

6-year warranty

Toggle Switch Settings

The built-in switch and duct connector options allow you to set the PCD fan to the required airflow. Use the below chart to adjust your switch connections by changing the toggle switch to match the diagram.

PCD Toggle Switch Settings

Technical Characteristics

All Variants Duct Dia. HVI Certified CFM 0.1" SP HVI Certified CFM 0.25" SP Sones @ 0.1" SP Voltage / Frequency Energy Efficiency (CFM/Watts) Watts @ 0.1" SP Current Average Shipping Weight
PCD110X 6" 40 - <0.3 120V / 60Hz 9.6 4.2 0.09A 11 lbs
90 51 0.5 12.2 8.1 0.16A
110 78 0.9 11.4 10.3 0.20A
120 91 1.2 10.8 12.2 0.22A
140 113 1.5 9.4 15.6 0.27A

Plug-&-Play Grille Options

Metal Grille

PCMG - Metal Grille
  • 13 x 14" metal grille
  • Ideal for commercial applications

Lighted Grille Kits

PCLK - CFL Lighted Grille Kit
  • 13 watt GU24 bulb (2700K/900 lumens)
  • 4 watt night light bulb
  • Simple plug-in receptacle in fan housing
  • Can be installed with new or pre-installed fan
PCLEDK - LED Lighted Grille Kit
  • 11 watt LED array (4100K/1100 lumens)
  • 2 watt LED night light setting (200 lumens)
  • Simple plug-in receptacle in fan housing
  • Can be installed with new or pre-installed fan

Sensing Grille Kits

PCDLMG - Motion Sensing Lighted Grille Kit
  • Compatible with PCD110XM and PCD110XMH
  • 13 Watt GU24 Bulb (2700K/900 Lumens)
  • 4 Watt Night Light Bulb
  • Automatically turns on fan when motion is sensed
  • Adjustable Time Delay Shut-Off from 3 to 30 Minutes
  • Simple Plug-In Receptacle in Fan Housing
  • Can be installed with New or Pre-Installed Fan

Note: Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your S&P Representative for more information about these accessories.

Radiation Dampers & Kits

PCRD Ceiling Radiation Damper SubmittalIOM
PCLKRD Ceiling Radiation Damper Kit with PCLK Submittal
PCLEDKRD Ceiling Radiation Damper Kit with PCLEDK Submittal
PCMGKRD Ceiling Radiation Damper Kit with PCD110M and PCD110MH  
PCD110MRD Ceiling Radiation Damper for PCD110M and PCD110MH Submittal

Electrical Controls

PC3S 3-Switch Control Submittal
FLTD-60 Fan/Light Delay Timer Switch Submittal
SRT-30 Rotary Spring Wound Timer Submittal
EPBT-60 Electronic Push Button Timer Submittal
FT622 ASHRAE 62.2 Bath Fan Ventilation Control Submittal
FT247 Programmable Fan Timer Submittal

General Accessories

PER-W Plastic Louvered Shutter Submittal
GRA Aluminum Exterior Fixed Grilles Submittal
RC Roof Cap Submittal
ME Round Adjustable Metal Elbow Submittal
DC Duct Connector  
WC Worm Clamp  

Replacement Parts

PCDC6 Replacement 6" Duct Connector  
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Submittal (PCD110X with All Variations)  
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PCD110X (all Product Variants)
PCRD: Radiation Damper
  • Residential Bathroom Exhaust
  • Commercial Bathroom Exhaust
  • Local Exhaust
  • Dwelling Unit Ventilation
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