Forward Curved Belt Drive Cabinet Fan

In-line Duct Fan Series


Model Features

  • Computer designed, efficient performance, forward curved blower.
  • Blower wheel hub is secured to the shaft with a locking keyway.
  • Blower is secured to anti-vibration mounts within the cabinet.
  • Blower outlet is connected to a flexible duct connection within the cabinet to aide in anti-vibration.
  • Insulated with high grade Melamine acoustic sheet.
  • Durable galvanized plating is used on both the blower and cabinet.
  • Cabinet corners are robust cast aluminum blocks.
  • Both side access panels are secured with pressure locks that open quickly and easily with the push and turn of an Allen key.
  • Heavy duty ball bearings are suitable for -65°F to +250°F temperatures.
  • All models have machine keyed shafts on both ends for CW or CCW drive.

Model Overview

CVTT, with our standard features, is the Quietest forward curved cabinet fan in its category. The CVTT range of belt-drive double inlet centrifugal cabinet fans consists of 10 nominal product sizes with motor powers ranging from 0.18 up to 15.0kW. Airflow performances range from 500 to 42,000 m3/hr, with static pressures capability up to 600mm W.G. The CVTT series can be supplied suitable for either horizontal (H) air discharge depending upon the requirements of the installation. In addition to special order, the units can be supplied with circular inlet and discharge duct connection flanges (rectangular supplied as standard). The CVTT range of fans offer a very flexible supply or exhaust air ventilation solution to many applications, including the ventilation of factory units, offices, restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Size CFM Range Max SP
7 200 to 1500 2-1/2"
9 500 to 2200 1-1/4"
10 400 to 2900 2-1/2"
12 800 to 4000 2-1/2"
15 1700 to 5800 1-1/4"
18 2350 to 9152 2"
20 2800 to 12000 2"

Note: Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your S&P Representative for more information about these accessories.

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  • General / Clean Air
  • Smoke Control (UL)
  • High Temperature Above 200°F