SQD and eSQD
Direct Drive Square Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan

In-line Duct Fan Series

SQD and eSQD

Model Features

  • Exhaust air up to 2,800 CFM in high static pressure applications up to 1" w.g.
  • Direct drive units have low sound levels and quiet operation
  • Ideal for applications where space is limited
  • Non-overloading backward inclined wheel for efficiency at higher static pressures
  • AMCA Air and Sound Licensed
  • cULus 705 Listed
  • Ecowatt® (eSQD Models ONLY)

Ecowatt Registered   AMCA Air and Sound Licensed   cULus Listed

Model Overview

The SQD square inline duct mounted fan is available in sizes 6 through 15, moving up to 2,800 CFM, with static pressure capability up to 1". eSQD electronically commutated square inline duct mounted fan is available in sizes 8, 10, and 12. SQD units are the perfect selection for clean air applications where space is a leading consideration. The compact housing with removable access doors and side discharge capability can be mounted in any orientation.

The eSQD comes with S&P's Electronically Commutated Motor (eMotor) which offers the energy efficiency of a DC motor with the ease of maintenance of DD motors. The eMotor has a motor mounted potentiometer, and can be controlled by a 0-10V signal.

2-year fan housing warranty, 1-year motor warranty

SQD Specifications

Size CFM Range Max SP
6 93 to 424 1"
8 149 to 503 1/4"
10 305 to 1076 1/2"
12 529 to 1686 1/2"
15 793 to 2879 3/4"

eSQD Specifications

Size CFM Range Max SP
6 83 to 269 5/8"
8 202 to 820 3/4"
10 292 to 1578 1"
12 500 to 2344 1"
15 1,178 to 3,720 3/4"

Note: Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your S&P Representative for more information about these accessories.

Standard Accessories

Mounted and Wired Disconnect  
Filter Box  
Side Discharge  
Belt Guard  
Motor Cover  
Inlet Guard  
Outlet Guard  
Hanging Bracket/Mounting Foot with Hanging Spring Isolator  
Hanging Spring Isolator  
Hanging Rubber in Shear Isolator  
Assorted Disconnects  
Heavy-duty Disconnects  
Backdraft Damper  
Insulated Housing  

Ecowatt® Accessories

Constant Pressure System  
EC Differential Pressure Control IOM
ECM Speed Control  
ECM Multi-Speed Control Manual
General Catalogue Section
Ecowatt® Brochure
Typical Specification Sheet (SQD)
Submittal (SQD)
Submittal (eSQD)
Instruction and Operation Manual (SQD)
Instruction and Operation Manual (eSQD)
Wire Connection Diagram (eSQD with Speed Control)
  • General / Clean Air
  • Spark Resistant
  • Offices / Common Areas