Direct Drive Mixed Flow Fan

In-line Duct Fan Series


Model Features

  • Rated up to 17,800 CFM in static pressure applications up to 5-1/2” w.g.
  • 6 sizes ranging from 15" to 24” effective diameter wheels
  • Continuously welded and epoxy coated steel housing
  • For indoor/outdoor use 
  • AMCA Air and Sound Licensed
  • cULus 705 Listed
  • cULus 793 Listed for 500℉ (260℃) for 6 hours and 572℉ (300℃) for 2 hours.

AMCA Air and Sound Licensed   cULus Listed

Model Overview

SMXD-HT series is a direct drive mixed flow fan specially designed to maximize the airflow performance by acting as a hybrid between an axial and centrifugal fan. This HT (high temperature) model can provide emergency heat and smoke ventilation in the event of a fire, which can provide valuable time to people exiting or emergency personnel. The SMXD-HT is UL Certified to exhaust heat and smoke in emergencies [500℉ (260℃) for 6 hours and 572℉ (300℃) for 2 hours].

SMXD-HT features a direct drive motor paired with AC drives to allow the flexibility to control the speed of airflow. This feature has no transmission losses associated with belt drives and features less maintenance.

Designed with high efficiency and low sound as a priority, SMXD-HT can be used in parking garages, commercial buildings, warehouses, food retail centers, and educational buildings. 

2-year fan housing warranty, 1-year motor warranty

Size CFM Range Max SP
15 1300 - 4100 2"
16 1700 - 5900 2"
18 1400 - 8400 3-1/4"
20 2200 - 12000 4-1/4"
22 2400 - 17800 5-1/2"
24 3000 - 17000 5-1/2"

Note: Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your S&P Representative for more information about these accessories.

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  • Parking garages
  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Food retail
  • Educational buildings