Hooded Propeller Roof Exhaust Fans

Roof Top Fan Series


Model Features

  • Exhaust air to over 90,000 CFM up to 1" w.g.
  • Belt drives permit easy performance adjustments when needed.
  • Direct drive units have low sound levels and quiet operation.
  • Reversible blades available
  • cULus 705 Listed (HREB-C, HREB-P, and HRED-C)
  • AMCA Air and Sound Rated (HREB-C and HRED-C only)

Model Overview

Models HREB-C, HREB-P, and HRED-C are roof-mounted, low-profile exhaust fans rated from 4,000 to over 90,000 CFM with 1” static pressure. Eight sizes from 24-72 inches are available. Available in galvanized or aluminum construction, they are used to exhaust air from a variety of commercial and industrial operations such as manufacturing and assembly plants, warehouses, garages, laundries, and similar buildings.

For greater versatility, reversible blades are available as an option. Exhaust or supply air movement is achieved by a remote reversing switch. The reverse feature can provide positive or negative building pressurization with single or multiple fan units. The maximum utilization of the fans can be achieved with this inexpensive option.

The unit's low silhouette fits today's clean uncluttered building design and its standard all galvanized construction provides years of resistance to corrosion.Greater hood strength and weather resistance are achieved from the modular design. Heavy-gauge galvanized hood sections are cross broken and connected by a standing seam for extra strength over conventional hood designs.

The knockdown feature on the larger sizes provides lower transit costs and ease of Jobsite handling. This modular design is one of the strongest and easiest to assemble in the industry. Hood sizes 58 to 78 inch (represents fan sizes 24 to 36 inch) ship assembled. Hood sizes 87 to 123 inch (represent fan sizes 42 to 72 inch) ship knockdown or can be special ordered assembled.

For damper maintenance, an entire side panel of the fan stack easily removes for access. The hood hinges open for motor access. Belt drive fan units have outboard drives and adjustable motor bases for easy maintenance. The belt drive fan units all have outboard drives and adjustable motor bases for easy maintenance and motor access.

2-year fan housing warranty, 1-year motor warranty


Size CFM Range Max SP
24 1,159 to 10,347 3/4"
30 3,076 to 15,001 3/4"
36 2,134 to 21,737 3/4"
42 3,688 to 24,690 3/4"
48 8,269 to 37,349 3/4"
54 13,225 to 47,674 3/4"
60 10,364 to 48,414 3/4"

HREB-P Specifications

Size CFM Range Max SP
24 4,165 to 11,411 1"
30 5,453 to 16,168 1"
36 5,154 to 23,833 1"
42 8,030 to 30,856 .875"
48 11,146 to 48,266 1"
54 14,222 to 53,524 1"
60 17,983 to 67,200 .875"
72 31,785 to 93,240 .875"


Size CFM Range Max SP
24 1,193 to 10,288 3/4"
30 2,116 to 15,195 3/4"
36 3,906 to 24,839 3/4"
42 7,973 to 20,253 3/4"
48 7,827 to 38,005 3/4"
54 9,565 to 36,365 3/4"
60 30,299 to 48,780 3/4"

Note: Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your S&P Representative for more information about these accessories.

Aluminum Construction  
Automatic (Gravity) Damper  
Disconnect Switch  
Extended Grease Lines  
Fiberglass Free Insulation  
Motor Operated Damper Submittal
Motor Safety Chain  
Remote Drive  
Roof Curb  
Spring Assist Kit  
Flyer HREB-P
Typical Specification Sheet HRE(B)(D)-C
Typical Specification Sheet HREB-P
Instruction and Operation Manual
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